Thursday, 17 February 2011

Welcome to Lembah Temir

Imagine green tapestry of orchard trees, the loud gush of natural three tiered waterfall, and the breeze that follows its path. Paradise on earth. Even the sound of waterfall could be so cooling, and of course oh so calming. A secret to be experienced. By the lucky ones :)

These pictures were taken during the early days when dad bought the orchard, so there were no 'infrastructures' (YET!! it's soooo different now). It was love at first sight for him. And the rest of the family too!

 Many types of durians trees, there are more than 100 durian trees here! The most popular ones are here too...Musang King / Mousan King! Yum! You should try eating the durians while being in the water. So you don't feel the usual 'heat' that usually happens when you down loads of durians!

This is the mud pond. These days it is filled with 'domesticated' kois and talapia fish! They're extremely friendly, so friendly you can actually pet them.


 One of the views of the waterfall. Back then, we couldn't even get up there. Thank God now we have stairs! No more treacherous route :) Safe for everyone. One can even get 'massaged' by the falling water...

Some of the flora and faunas found there. Very pretty.

Aahhh...relax and lose yourself in awe of Allah's beautiful creation. I meant]] the waterfall. Not that person in blue (dia tengah feeling)

The upstairs 'lagoon'

Located a mere 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, it is close enough for a short get aways. For our family, it's more of a weekly thing. A place to chill and relax, enjoy the bounty from the trees, while immersing in the pool of cool waters coming from the waterfall.

- From toll Gombak, passing Genting Sempah, Tol Karak
- Exit Bentong (1st exit) after Tol Karak
- Turn right at T-Junction
- Pass thru Bentong town
- Follow the road passing: futsal arena on left.
- Go straight on until you see a turning into Mempaga / Kg lebu
- Turn left at balai raya head to Kg lebu / Raub
- Go straight. Until T-junction, turn left
- Go straight. Until next T-junction turn left
- Go straight for about 2km
- Turn right after you pass milestone (Raub 25km)
- Go straight, you'll reach an off road route, pass a bridge, go straight on until you see a bangsal among palm trees in the plantation on ur left but go straight on.
- You'll see Lembah Temir signage directing you to turn right.
- Go straight. Follow Lembah Temir signs in blue, available at most turnings starting from Mempaga.
 It is a GREAT place to go to de-stress, hang out, have fun, have BBQs with friends.

This is my personal promise, it is....

definitely a place you won't forget!!.


  1. Yes, its simply exihilarating after an adventure to this place. I am impressed. Thank you so much to the host for the nice welcoming reception and for giving me and family the opportunity to visit this place. All the very best wishes and regards from us.

  2. Please visit to follow latest update and happening at Lembah Temir.

  3. Where can I get the contact, daily rates and the rooms available?

  4. My apologies for the late response.

    Please visit to follow latest update and happening at Lembah Temir.

    Alternatively you can call the manager En Zulfakar at 013 983 2888 to find out the availability and rates.

    For now, there are limited rooms (a total of 7 at the moment, 2 under renovation)

  5. cantik kawasan ni. brapa harga penginapan di sini?

  6. Assalam, bleh sy dapatkan harga penginapan? Boleh send ke 0193680506 atau tq

  7. Boleh email saya harga stay kt sana..utk 3 hari 2 mlm

    FOR 3D 2N TQ :)

  9. As salam,

    Boleh tahu hatga package utk 8 dewasa, seorang kanak2 umur 11 thn

  10. As salam,

    Boleh tahu hatga package utk 8 dewasa, seorang kanak2 umur 11 thn

    1. Please email us at: for inquiries and bookings.

      Thank you!

  11. tolong email harga untuk 2 dewasa 1 infant.